“Now that I have gained some experience, I know how to save my energies to be more efficient and
how to look for the simple, logic solution, the practicable one”

You may think you can keep everything under control,
Your schedule is planned… examinations, timing

Then we are warned: next week they are celebrating at the Sports Centre, you know, concerts, spare ribs…
Ok, no problem, we’ll shoot in the big field, the empty one.

But the wind is spiteful, you can’t control its changes of direction,
and the barbecue’s smoke is going straight to that corner in which we had planned to film the next scene.

And it’s not over yet, tonight they are playing heavy metal… freaky illumination on stage,
crazy spotlights coming from everywhere

A solution must be found:
between one song and another the band always takes a break,
so while the rockers are taking a breath, we take this opportunity…and light, ciak, action!

Next scene on program and here comes the smoke from the kitchens… well,
shall we eat some cotechinos, us too? Soon or later, they will be serving the dessert, I hope

Technology, planning and organisation are essential
but sometimes a degree of flexibility and improvisation is usefull, indeed
as unforeseen events get you to find unexpected solutions, which might even be better than the predictable ones.

All of that happened during the realization of the video “Football Innovstion”,
a Gewiss & Corus National Amateur League project,
aimed to grant security to over one million amateurs,
who practice our country’s most popular sport


Dietro le quinte

luce, football innovation lega nazionale

Gianni Canali Studio
Direction e DoP Gianni Canali
Screenplay Leone Belotti
Camera Alessandro Della Valentina e Stefano Testa
Editing Alessandro Della Valentina
Electrician & Assistant luci Sebastiano Trovesi
Make up Giorgia Gervasio

They keep saying it over and over again:
fruit is good.. vegetables, too.

You extract the health benefits from
apples, bananas, kiwis, celery, carrots, oranges,
one glass and you hit the ground running
but where to and what speed?

Fruit contains sugars, which should make our mind think better,
but are you sure we have enough time to think over?

You run faster and faster for any activity: social, working, leisure ones…
But before acting you have to think, and do it well.. if not, you are in the soup.

Thoughts and Actions… do you remember?

It’s the way you keep up the pace of your life that makes the difference


… Take a b r e a k    i n    s  l  o  w    m  o  t  i  o  n

t  o     m  e  d  i  t  a  t  e

t  o     o   b  s  e  r  v  e

t  o     a   c   t

t o     w   a   t   c   h       o   u   r        v   i   d   e   o

o   b   v   i   o   u   s   l   y       s   h   o   t       i   n       s   l   o   w   m   o   t   i   o   n


Energy is the physical dimension which measures the capacity of a body or a physical system to do work
Physical force, of the nerves and the muscles, active power of the organism;
Dynamic force of the spirit, which expresses itself as the will and capacity to act.
In the philosophy of Aristotle, the crucial and actuating act or principle, in contrast to the determinable and potential matter or principal is potential.
In physics, the aptitude of the system to do a job, that is, that works in a process in which it produces work and which is commensurate with the work done,
Can present itself in different forms, convertible into one another, in relation to the processes and the phenomenon in which the system participates, and can be exchanged between different systems.

courtesy Treccani Online

Have you ever asked yourself how much energy is needed to produce photographs?
We are not talking about electric energy ,that would be trivial, but of the energy burnt by the human body, from head to foot: K calorie
Thought and movement, brain, legs, arms…
In this case then there is in the midst sport, and so the calculations become more complicated.
Four photographs = 100,000 K calorie
The figure may be surprising, but let’s try to do some sums:
Photograph: well, from the initial set-up to four shoots, about 10,000
Two assistants for four shoots, around …25,000
Now the best part;
13 cyclists about twenty laps of the track…43,000
10 basketball players, a good match with extra time and stoppages, 7,000
4 volleyball players, innumerable dives and jumps, 1,500
15 athletes 3000 hurdles, true, they do not do laps of the track, but we have grilled them with sprint and jump 15,000
We add the trainers, and do not forget the account and ads of the agency that has followed them: 6,000
Adding up we arrive at approximately 107,500 K calorie from tables and calculations taken from internet.
Well, now what shall we do with this result?
With the value itself, I would say nothing, we are not obsessed with diets.
But I need one hundred and seven thousand five hundred K calories to thank everyone that has made these shots possible, as evidence of the energy that is needed to produce photographs, maybe a warning to those who think a simple click is all it takes.

Ah…I was forgetting, as always, Treccani online:
In technique, with reference to the mode of exploitation of energy and to the forms in which this is available for practical purposes, one currently talks of e.mechanics, e.thermals, e.electricity, e.water supply, etc., and one says source of e. any substance or process capable of making available to man a certain quantity of usable energy.

campagna bergamo energia atletica campagna bergamo energia basket campagna bergamo energia ciclismo campagna bergamo energia volley

ADV AGENCY: Multiconsult
Thank you all, you guys: Atletica Bergamo 1959, Bergamo Basket 2014, Team Colpack under 23, Volley Bergamo Foppapedretti
Runner Assistant: Sebastiano Trovesi


oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award, qualià, ineguagliabile
oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award, qualià, ineguagliabile



…tell it right!

Call your collaborators, your customers and your friends,

and make them know how you won gold,

thanks to your hard work, so thanks to them too…




oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

CATEGORY: Advertising
TITLE: Qualità Ineguagliabile

Thanks To:
Client: N&W
Art Direction: Luca Crescenzi & Luca Nicola
Food Stylist: Francesca Versolatto
Assistants: Marco Bergamini, Alessandro Della Valentina

Here we have Grout Selection, our new Mapei Advertising Campaign

Agency: Welcome

adv,Mapei, woman,


photoshop free

every time I see a “free” thing
I never understand if it means freely or without,
here, it means without, an image made without photoshop, with the spirit
of an exercise, how would it be (how it was)
to create images without photoshop?
and that is: all the “paste item”s that today we do on an image
with the mouse, to do them on the real object, manually, and to photograph it.
For this performance, which clearly has a sense of
communication (the ingredients are authentic, “real” , not virtual) has
been chosen to pay homage to the edible portraits of Arcimboldo,
thus, with specific themes of communication ( the necta range, the brio machine,
the tango machine) original compositions conceived and produced
have been dedicated by a team of stylist food designers
using ingredients of products delivered by machines,
an incredible work, practically senseless,
but philosophically very sensible, like a Tibetan mandala,
to arrive at a click, an advertising image, by its nature
deciduous and passing…
( and with some significant additions in view of the expo, the excellence
of food technology, with the genius of Arcimboldo that illuminates
food made in Italy)
The related short videos are mounted accelerated,
with adequate soundtrack, the Aria of the entrance of the Queen of Saba
from Solomon by Handel,
while the long video instead follows a sound wave of cool jazz.
In the videos, the mandala work of preparation of clicks
is accompanied by questions imprinted over,
“what is quality, how can we recognize it?”
or:”how do you create a work of art” “what does it contain”
and the replies are in the images: unparalleled quality, the art,
the freshness all come from the work, from the method, from the good ingredients
and from the genius, from the hands of who works it.
The final image, photoshop free, is flawless!
Authentic reality, more than the landing on the moon.
I was there.


Arcimboldo, N&W, Necta, food, still life

Arcimboldo, N&W, Necta, food, still life

Arcimboldo, N&W, Necta, food, still life

ART DIRECTION: Luca Crescenzi & Luca Nicola
FOOD DESIGNER: Francesca Versolatto

Guarda i video del Making of

an ad-info video, global vending sector,
technological product, specific target, leading company,
an innovation destined for the world market,
the new touch screen of the Necta devices,
all the functions must be explained in 220 seconds,

and therefore budget, briefing, concept, story board, casting,
production, set, filming, post-production, insertion in green screen,
all the exempla of the utilities, check the weather forecast, the time, the transport,
the services, useful travel information such as at stations and airports,
or the showcase-network in “social” places such as companies, hospitals, schools,
and at the same time checking and calculating the calories in coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate…

all clear, all perfect, settings correct, tones ok, the perfect model…
then with a grin I think of all the times when someone shows you
“all the high–tech functions” of some new digital application,
and you, in the end diminish it all with the legendary question: yeah..but does it make coffee?

The term charisma compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
Charisma is a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. These are such as are not accessible to the ordinary person, but are regarded as of divine origin or as exemplary, and on the basis of them the individual concerned is treated as a leader. (Wikipedia)

The name of the coffee machine inspired me to write this introduction, not necessarily pertinent with our video, but very dominant nowadays in our country.

Perhaps we can say that a machine could be a landmark, a designe style, a reference of quality.

Our effort was to translate these features through images.

Please, give me your feedback!

Karisma from Gianni Canali on Vimeo.


20.11.2012 ADV, Video

Do you remember the aroma of coffee in the morning, before a hard day’s work?
Try this sensory experience unique, with a light pressure

Video ADV for the N&W innovative touchscreen interface of the Canto Touch vending machine.
Shot with 5D MKII.
Here the campaign photo.