28.11.2017 Corporate, Video

Be this video a metaphor or not (?)
Watch it right to the end,
we talk about green, cooperation, values… and football, too!
A great team needs to share values to win
It sounds like a slogan
But after all… it’s a slogan, that tells also the truth

These are the details that strengthen work team
ours has been working hard for years
our costumers are doers
collaboration couldn’t be more fruitful

Luckily, we are supported by skilled counselors, too
they help us keep everything under control
both thoughtfully and cheerfully
watch the video, it will clear it up for you

To do things properly,
we work from dawn till dusk
to catch the best light

Respect for people is crucial
Our style is built on it
It’s in the eyes of people we meet that we can see our results

People’s appreciation of what you’re doing is rewarding, isn’t it?

Enjoy the view!





Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_01 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_02 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_03 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_04

Maybe the rhythm of time passing frightens us,
that’s why its value is often neglected?

But our choices, priorities and approach to life
are measured by the time we devote to our actions.

Skipping the chapters of a book to find out how it ends or pushing the fast-forward button.
We fool ourselves and don’t even understand why.

Being aware of time passing by makes us aware of the value of any single object we hold in our hands, too.
Paying attention to the flow of every single action makes us deeply understand the effort put into creating a product.

Almost all of us own a car and we know every car’s heart is the turbochargers.
Turbochargers’s mechanized process of creation surely can’t be defined as very thrilling.
But telling through images the time and the rhythm needed to produce it
helps us get the necessary perfection employed to make it carry out its worthwhile task for days, months, years.

So take your time, there’s also some good music, obviously at the right pace.
After all, it’s just a couple of minutes, maybe the time you need to discover the value of your own time


Said, done!
I took word for word the inspiration of Massimo Lentsch, Colmark’s deus ex machina.

They are free-range, resolute, pragmatic, efficient: the temporary “magut”**

So let’s put a strain on them and force them to climb the scaffoldings, helmet on their head, ladders, two or three of flights.
They didn’t turn a hair.
The boss standing next to the concrete mixer, shovel, tough pose and look, leading the group.

Nice guys “assembled” for a portrait: the cover of the book from Franco Angeli series “The International Marketing Labourers I Manovali del Marketing Internazionale”. I manovali del marketing internazionale.

We have decided to tell this experience through a time lapse you can watch here.

**Magut is a typical word in dialect of Bergamo indicating a manual laborer


corporate ritratto comark franco angeli manovali marketing

copertina Franco Angeli Co mark Massimo Lentsch

“…I’m a real artisan. I started in a small village… Brioches, cakes, macaroons, mignons,

choocolates… I use the best ingredients … We have two workshops… Everyday I keep saying to

my staff: we have to satisty our costumers’ desires.”

This last sentence was the key for the story.

Gino Fabbri is not a simplle pastry chef, google his name and you’ll agree with me

So we decided to avoid the usual first or third person narrator: we had to tell Gino’s story, not any

pasrtry’ s story

That was our aim: collecting people’s thoughts while celebrating their own daily and special sweet

life bites.

At the World Pastry Stars 2015 Gino showed the video; at the end, addressing to the audience, he

thanked me publickly, but I think he told a lie when he said it was the first time he watched it.

I was touched, thank you Gino.

To participate in the tour of Paris of AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani….Academy of Italian Master Bakers) was not only an honour but also a real pleasure.

The meeting with the great French ‘maitre patissier ‘, in the laboratories and workshops of, Pierre Hermé, Arnaud Larher, Jean-Paul Hévin was particularly interesting from many points of view.

Firstly: the tastings…well yes my dears, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, an unforgettable sensory experience.

Secondly: the discovery of an extremely high level of craftsmanship associated with illustrious names from the French Relais Desserts. This is an aspect of my work that I love immensely, the possibility to learn about the multi-facets of completely different worlds, the meeting and the relationships with people who live and work with passion and outstanding competence.

Thirdly: the relaxed atmosphere on the occasions of the meetings takes away the classic stress of daily working rhythms, what’s more I must add that the bakers are rather friendly.

And then there’s Paris.
The city which, as a boy, I wandered far and wide with my camera hanging from my neck, the first B&W until the 2005 calendar of the six European cities, which you can see here, a city always fascinating and enjoyable.
Thank you AMPI

Here some photos: the official shot at Trocadero, the backstage (tourists take photos to the photographer, shooting the…Tour Eiffel), the behind the scene of the travel with some famous pastry chefs…the latest vips of the tv.

parigi rinaldini massari antonio daloiso gino fabbri sacchetti comaschi tour Eiffel
Read more…

The end of the year is for summing up
collecting ideas
it is the time for making proposals for the New Year

At the end of the year there is Christmas
And at Christmas we tell stories to the children
But also to the grown-ups

Think about your story
There are no others like yours
And so tell me

What is your story?



Video storytelling corporate artigiani

 Here the other stories…

An exemplary story, told in key steps,
A passion which becomes laboratory, work, business.
Started with great enthusiasm, very little money, and an idea, only one, clear:
To amplify what the artist is doing on the stage.
Suonovivo was born in a garage in 1992, two small speakers and a mixer,
Today it is a well known name in the sound technology sector,
Through the years it has been able to grow accepting the continuous challenge of innovative technology,
Calling on new brains, fresh minds.
The strength of this video is at the end, which almost seems a reply to the campaign
“look ahead” produced by Saatchi&Saatchi for enel:
With all the energy of his sixteen years, the youngest of the group declares:
“ for sure I will do this in my life, I will carry forward this company”
How could you not give them credit?

Even without resorting to digital magic,
A photograph often finishes up portraying an untruth,
It’s in its very nature…
Sometimes, instead, a little digital lie
Allows the simple truth, the authenticity of what it tells.
This happened to me working on the case history of Cavotec Specimas
A 50-year-old company, with 140 people working there.
For the occasion they will publish a book, an important edition,
And so I tell myself: it’s not advertising, it’s not an ephemeral brochure,
It’s the company’s memories, of people, collective, lasting.
And so, no special effects, but research of the truth,
Witness of an era in the workplace,
A group of people, their faces, their expressions.
The moment I arrive, here the fact is: there’s a person missing,
He must be added after, post production.
It’s magic, it’s a lie, in all its Gravity,
And I think of the film with Clooney and Bullock filmed at separate times.
Look at the people, the 139 faces I have in front of me,
It’s not easy to pose, and impersonate yourself,
But how to manage this act is my job, courage,
Slowly, slowly you get used to it, you overcome the reluctance,
There is patience, willingness, participation, collaboration.
The work finished, I look at the results, the shots,
And I understand what has happened, how I have worked:
It’s really the lost sheep
Which makes you observe the group more carefully,
And recognize each single person who forms it.


The behind the scene…

cavotec, specimas, corporate, project
cavotec, specimas, corporate, project
cavotec, specimas, corporate, projectcavotec, specimas, corporate, projectcavotec, specimas, corporate, projectcavotec, specimas, corporate, projectcavotec, specimas, corporate, project

cavotec, specimas, corporate, projectcavotec, specimas, corporate, project


A new corporate project for CIFA
Here some photos.




Italian tradition is “to think in a small way”
Europe leader in the small enterprise sector, 3,6 million of micro enterprise, 9,6% of total companies.
That’s not a good period. But there is no doubt for the enterpreneur pride.

Battista, Mario, Pietro, three brothers, a life spent working with yarn cotton scrap.

I’m going on with my B-SIDE travel, portraits from our land.
Go on board, I offer you a ringside seat.

OL MESTERÀSS – Families business stories of Italy from Gianni Canali on Vimeo.