They keep saying it over and over again:
fruit is good.. vegetables, too.

You extract the health benefits from
apples, bananas, kiwis, celery, carrots, oranges,
one glass and you hit the ground running
but where to and what speed?

Fruit contains sugars, which should make our mind think better,
but are you sure we have enough time to think over?

You run faster and faster for any activity: social, working, leisure ones…
But before acting you have to think, and do it well.. if not, you are in the soup.

Thoughts and Actions… do you remember?

It’s the way you keep up the pace of your life that makes the difference


… Take a b r e a k    i n    s  l  o  w    m  o  t  i  o  n

t  o     m  e  d  i  t  a  t  e

t  o     o   b  s  e  r  v  e

t  o     a   c   t

t o     w   a   t   c   h       o   u   r        v   i   d   e   o

o   b   v   i   o   u   s   l   y       s   h   o   t       i   n       s   l   o   w   m   o   t   i   o   n