50° SAN LUCIO EVENTS – NINA ZILLI LIVE CONCERT from Gianni Canali on Vimeo.

Event Credits: AD Paolo Vallara Thanks to: Marco Menaballi, Marco Raso, Rosanna Zanini, Massimo Boffelli, Giuseppe Bressanelli, Valeria Bocca

I spent an evening out of time, who was there enjoyed it immensely, far away from everyday life.

Marco’s blues helps you to travel, to daydream; you finally free yourself from anxiety.
Oasis of intimacy and emotion, underrated words we forget to be indispensable in our vocabulary, overpowered by “efficiency” and “results”.

From Wikipedia: “The blues originated in songs of the Afro-American slaves communities working on plantations in the southern United States of America…” I think this is perfect for our days, although we don’t work in the plantations anymore.

The video