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The title might sound provocative,
Let’s specify it immediately: for me it is, indeed.

Entrepreneurs who work,
get their hands dirty,
expose themselves, act consciously and passionately,
hire the young, less young and even less young ones
put their lifetime savings on the line, to go on,
in this time of crisis, to avoid laying off their staff.

Entrepreneurs who work
all day long
training never stops,
research done in “leisure time”.

Entrepreneurs who work,
they have flaws, too, that’s undeniable,
sometimes they walk head down,
don’t take a breath,
take up time from their family
barely go to the theatre, to the cinema, to a vernissage…
find the time, if you manage to.

Entrepreneurs who work
judge them as you want
you may think that’s rhetoric
but they have what it takes
look at them in their face
that’s the right chance.

Don’t miss it!

I’m on fire
sings Bruce
but he needs no pellet
he certainly doesn’t lack energies

Heat is our need,
from all points of view
Affection, passion, solidarity,
love, joy, peace,
these are tough moments.

That’s from encounters that the sparkles
(and good relationships) are made,
then warmth comes easily,
by sharing our everyday life

We can have our “jolly”
be it wood or be it pellet,
it doesn’t matter
it’s always ready to help us out
but it’s us who decide when to play it.









jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore ufficio

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore bambini

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore sci cane

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore ragazza

Produzione: Gianni Canali Studio
Soggetti: Gianni Canali e Alessandro Della Valentina
Regia e DoP Gianni Canali
Camera Alessandro Della Valentina
Editing Alessandro Della Valentina
Elettricista & Assistente luci Marco Bergamini / Sebastiano Trovesi
Trucco Elena Donati
Agency: Forlani Studio
Client: Jolly-Mec
Thanks to:
Edoardo Milesi & Archos
Amina e Paolo
Marco e Silvia
Adele e Gigi

Energy is the physical dimension which measures the capacity of a body or a physical system to do work
Physical force, of the nerves and the muscles, active power of the organism;
Dynamic force of the spirit, which expresses itself as the will and capacity to act.
In the philosophy of Aristotle, the crucial and actuating act or principle, in contrast to the determinable and potential matter or principal is potential.
In physics, the aptitude of the system to do a job, that is, that works in a process in which it produces work and which is commensurate with the work done,
Can present itself in different forms, convertible into one another, in relation to the processes and the phenomenon in which the system participates, and can be exchanged between different systems.

courtesy Treccani Online

Have you ever asked yourself how much energy is needed to produce photographs?
We are not talking about electric energy ,that would be trivial, but of the energy burnt by the human body, from head to foot: K calorie
Thought and movement, brain, legs, arms…
In this case then there is in the midst sport, and so the calculations become more complicated.
Four photographs = 100,000 K calorie
The figure may be surprising, but let’s try to do some sums:
Photograph: well, from the initial set-up to four shoots, about 10,000
Two assistants for four shoots, around …25,000
Now the best part;
13 cyclists about twenty laps of the track…43,000
10 basketball players, a good match with extra time and stoppages, 7,000
4 volleyball players, innumerable dives and jumps, 1,500
15 athletes 3000 hurdles, true, they do not do laps of the track, but we have grilled them with sprint and jump 15,000
We add the trainers, and do not forget the account and ads of the agency that has followed them: 6,000
Adding up we arrive at approximately 107,500 K calorie from tables and calculations taken from internet.
Well, now what shall we do with this result?
With the value itself, I would say nothing, we are not obsessed with diets.
But I need one hundred and seven thousand five hundred K calories to thank everyone that has made these shots possible, as evidence of the energy that is needed to produce photographs, maybe a warning to those who think a simple click is all it takes.

Ah…I was forgetting, as always, Treccani online:
In technique, with reference to the mode of exploitation of energy and to the forms in which this is available for practical purposes, one currently talks of e.mechanics, e.thermals, e.electricity, e.water supply, etc., and one says source of e. any substance or process capable of making available to man a certain quantity of usable energy.

campagna bergamo energia atletica campagna bergamo energia basket campagna bergamo energia ciclismo campagna bergamo energia volley

ADV AGENCY: Multiconsult
Thank you all, you guys: Atletica Bergamo 1959, Bergamo Basket 2014, Team Colpack under 23, Volley Bergamo Foppapedretti
Runner Assistant: Sebastiano Trovesi

The pleasure that children feel jumping in puddles
or cycling as fast as they can, splashing everywhere and everyone.

The sensation is the same,
that pleasure of transgression, that grabs you in that moment.

We tried that pleasure time and time again,
and then we stopped it, crystallized in an image:
the crown of His Majesty!


milk latte fresco N&W majesty Re King


See you on  SATURDAY 18 APRIL 2015 AT  18.00

Opening my exhibition

Spazio Espositivo Comunale LE STANZE
presso la Biblioteca – Mediateca A. Meli
via Roma 140 Trescore Balneario (Bg)


oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award, qualià, ineguagliabile
oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award, qualià, ineguagliabile



…tell it right!

Call your collaborators, your customers and your friends,

and make them know how you won gold,

thanks to your hard work, so thanks to them too…




oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

oneyeland, gold, advertising, food, N&W, Necta, premio, award

CATEGORY: Advertising
TITLE: Qualità Ineguagliabile

Thanks To:
Client: N&W
Art Direction: Luca Crescenzi & Luca Nicola
Food Stylist: Francesca Versolatto
Assistants: Marco Bergamini, Alessandro Della Valentina

To participate in the tour of Paris of AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani….Academy of Italian Master Bakers) was not only an honour but also a real pleasure.

The meeting with the great French ‘maitre patissier ‘, in the laboratories and workshops of, Pierre Hermé, Arnaud Larher, Jean-Paul Hévin was particularly interesting from many points of view.

Firstly: the tastings…well yes my dears, macaroons, chocolates, desserts, an unforgettable sensory experience.

Secondly: the discovery of an extremely high level of craftsmanship associated with illustrious names from the French Relais Desserts. This is an aspect of my work that I love immensely, the possibility to learn about the multi-facets of completely different worlds, the meeting and the relationships with people who live and work with passion and outstanding competence.

Thirdly: the relaxed atmosphere on the occasions of the meetings takes away the classic stress of daily working rhythms, what’s more I must add that the bakers are rather friendly.

And then there’s Paris.
The city which, as a boy, I wandered far and wide with my camera hanging from my neck, the first B&W until the 2005 calendar of the six European cities, which you can see here, a city always fascinating and enjoyable.
Thank you AMPI

Here some photos: the official shot at Trocadero, the backstage (tourists take photos to the photographer, shooting the…Tour Eiffel), the behind the scene of the travel with some famous pastry chefs…the latest vips of the tv.

parigi rinaldini massari antonio daloiso gino fabbri sacchetti comaschi tour Eiffel
Read more…

Suddenly I heard shots, maybe they were aimed at me, a warning: don’t get too near.

I approached the farmhouse at sunset, I had found the road perfectly, dividing the cornfields, very like the agency’s layout.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity: father and son, the two models, I would have taken them at another time, time was short, and the forecast promised rain.

Click, I get nearer, click, I find the perfect angle and I hear two shots. I finish filming, get back in the car and I’m off.

Maybe they were not aimed at me, but it seems to me they don’t hunt at sunset.

It was only the beginning of the campaign “Simply Grow Together”. for ADAMA, adventurous, I would say.

The rest went smoothly, photos and videos in the farmhouse; the background behind at the doorway, we would have put it in afterwards, then the hay, the tractor, father and son who walk towards the house…blessed post production.

A good working group.

The doubt remained, that shadow at the bottom of the road, not very reassuring; maybe he was testing his rifle for the weekend.

My granny always told me that it was a dangerous job, a photographer.



ADV_21x28_Terra e Vita

agricoltura, grow, together, adama

agricoltura, grow, together, adama



And here the Behind the scene


I have known restorers, a lot of restorers I started photographing altarpieces, frescoes.
Three are the sacred moments of the documentation, a ritual: The first, the during ( the cleaning, we have already spoken about it, you remember) the final: the rebirth of the work of art.

For the restorers it is a new birth I have joined them in churches in the deep winter, in the convents, sisters, brothers, pastors, few prayers, a lot of cold, damp.

The restorers, a bit like all those who pass hour after hour in solitude, or in the company of only an assistant, become hard, sharp, I would dare to say envious, they cannot stand one another, it is an environment “ not very recommended”.

I met Alberto late on, when the photography of restoration for me was already water passed under the bridge and maybe he showed me another face of the restorers.

Alberto is mild, but not superficial, on the contrary full of passion, enthusiasm, love for life and for his work.

He travels, and this is not to undervalue, a journey, physical or of literature opens the mind.

He has a severe look, but soon after he smiles, laughs, jokes, maybe it is a sign of a shyness in his distant youth.

He has great respect for the interlocutor of the moment, but if he doesn’t like you he doesn’t speak badly of you, if he is not interested, he ignores you, you don’t deserve his time.

When he speaks about his work he lights up, suffers, gets angry.

In painting regret is an afterthought in continual progress, that an artist puts in place, masking the previous version which he doesn’t think is satisfactory.

And the restorers discover the regrets of the artists working on the canvas Alberto’s regret concerning his work regards bureaucracy.

He has never loved restrictions. But you can’t but think well for the future.


Restauro Alberto, restorer

the sailor man
I know, skipper,
visiting my studio.

“I sailed, i crossed the desert at 50°,
I’d like to tell the adventures of my life”

ritratto portrait people skipper ruga wrinkle