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Opening my exhibition

Spazio Espositivo Comunale LE STANZE
presso la Biblioteca – Mediateca A. Meli
via Roma 140 Trescore Balneario (Bg)


I have known restorers, a lot of restorers I started photographing altarpieces, frescoes.
Three are the sacred moments of the documentation, a ritual: The first, the during ( the cleaning, we have already spoken about it, you remember) the final: the rebirth of the work of art.

For the restorers it is a new birth I have joined them in churches in the deep winter, in the convents, sisters, brothers, pastors, few prayers, a lot of cold, damp.

The restorers, a bit like all those who pass hour after hour in solitude, or in the company of only an assistant, become hard, sharp, I would dare to say envious, they cannot stand one another, it is an environment “ not very recommended”.

I met Alberto late on, when the photography of restoration for me was already water passed under the bridge and maybe he showed me another face of the restorers.

Alberto is mild, but not superficial, on the contrary full of passion, enthusiasm, love for life and for his work.

He travels, and this is not to undervalue, a journey, physical or of literature opens the mind.

He has a severe look, but soon after he smiles, laughs, jokes, maybe it is a sign of a shyness in his distant youth.

He has great respect for the interlocutor of the moment, but if he doesn’t like you he doesn’t speak badly of you, if he is not interested, he ignores you, you don’t deserve his time.

When he speaks about his work he lights up, suffers, gets angry.

In painting regret is an afterthought in continual progress, that an artist puts in place, masking the previous version which he doesn’t think is satisfactory.

And the restorers discover the regrets of the artists working on the canvas Alberto’s regret concerning his work regards bureaucracy.

He has never loved restrictions. But you can’t but think well for the future.


Restauro Alberto, restorer

An exemplary story, told in key steps,
A passion which becomes laboratory, work, business.
Started with great enthusiasm, very little money, and an idea, only one, clear:
To amplify what the artist is doing on the stage.
Suonovivo was born in a garage in 1992, two small speakers and a mixer,
Today it is a well known name in the sound technology sector,
Through the years it has been able to grow accepting the continuous challenge of innovative technology,
Calling on new brains, fresh minds.
The strength of this video is at the end, which almost seems a reply to the campaign
“look ahead” produced by Saatchi&Saatchi for enel:
With all the energy of his sixteen years, the youngest of the group declares:
“ for sure I will do this in my life, I will carry forward this company”
How could you not give them credit?

“My father” you can say in many ways, and mean many things.
Those who like me, lead a different life to their father, rarely, privately,
in a low voice and modestly, say “my father”

But in an artisan company, from how the son says “my father”,
with his head high, with a strong voice, you can sense a close relationship,
territorial, generational, based on their work.

“Work” is also the first reply that the expert artisan/worker(but young looking)
gives me to the question: “ What do you do?”
“ And how long have you been working?” “Here for 33 years, but I was already working before”

Another, with a look of Clint Eastward:” I started at 13 as an apprentice,
then I arrived at the retirement age of an employee, and now
I have been working for 13 years as an artisan in partnership”

Then a young Viking, who after explaining what he does
(designs to measure, technical designs, autocad, software)
looks at me in the face and reveals his secret, his true strong point:
“my father, all the ideas come from him”

In that “my father” there is a consciousness of a value to hand down,
of a story to continue: “ the carpenter was the one who with a piece
of wood made anything”

Each artisan, deep down, thinks the same thing, also a photographer:
with a camera you can do anything,
and my first photo came to mind, more than 30 years ago,
on a school trip, class 3C, with an old, precious Voigtlander,
the first camera that I used, and with great care:
it had been entrusted to me by my father.



Opening my exhibition “oil”

All’Enoteca Zanini Osteria

Via Borgo Santa Caterina, 90/a  24124 Bergamo

For those wishing to dine in company,  reservation required


Stefano is a splendid customer, he is unique.
He calls me, asking for photos that tells his Italian company, his real design and production factory.
I go and visit him, he guides me in a tour of the departments of the new headquarter and tells me about some new events.
The first thing I notice is the quantity of materials, products, scraps, instruments, machinery, men: like a patchwork of a visual balanced cahos.
I held back the thought, going on.
Coming back to the office, I disclose my feeling, announcing my next photo survey.
I come back and when I show him the pictures he says: approved! Wonderful.

We point the details and organize the sets.
The staff have been fantastic, playing along with me, with the right spice of irony to describe the working atmosphere.

Their slogans say: what we do is unordinary.
That’s true!

Here you can see the project


The cover was indispensable!

Giuseppe, Beppe for everybody, was passing the baton of CNA’ direction to Tomas.

But it wasn’t enough, we needed a B Side to have deeper informations, some hint less known.

Pratically he chose the soundtrack, we know he’s an exquisite conoisseur.

An year has passed since that day, I feel this is the right moment to share with you his words

Even if you are a very “relaxed” person I’m sure you know him.

If you climbed the 8000m, let’s say seven times, it happens that you become famous.

When I met him I thought he was a little bit snobbish.

He came by motor scooter (don’t get confused by the video), a quick briefing and then on the set, helpful and very professional also as model.

Soon I thought to make a behind-the-scenes video when I’ve been asked to shoot this campaign.

I’ve never talked about it, today I’ll take the chance to do that.


By the way…the singer is our friend Paolo Pinna make up artist!

Simone Moro Safety First from Gianni Canali on Vimeo.

If you read “Ol Mesteràss” post you must have noticed that Family Business project is going on.

I meet interesting people and although a very few aspects of the shooting keep happening every time is different.

At first subjects can’t figure out why I leave the flash light inside the image. “Are you going to remove it, right?” they keep on asking me.

Some others don’t say anything, they stare at me. “Are we going to take the photo right here?”.

Somebody stays still for minutes. They are in a hurry, but very helpful.

There is one thing never missing: their respect for my job. The workers I photograph recognize my effort, my passion and will to get the best out of the shooting, since they have been working the same way for years!




Italian tradition is “to think in a small way”
Europe leader in the small enterprise sector, 3,6 million of micro enterprise, 9,6% of total companies.
That’s not a good period. But there is no doubt for the enterpreneur pride.

Battista, Mario, Pietro, three brothers, a life spent working with yarn cotton scrap.

I’m going on with my B-SIDE travel, portraits from our land.
Go on board, I offer you a ringside seat.

OL MESTERÀSS – Families business stories of Italy from Gianni Canali on Vimeo.