11.04.2018 Video

To clean up implies several meanings.

Getting rid of useless stuff, old clothes, unnecessary tasks, but also rehabbing from social media addiction, ongoing sterile relationships…

Tidying up (whatever it may be: a desk, a hard disk, a garage…) is an action which elicits a sense of release.

You feel more confident, positive, constructive, you’re already looking ahead.
But next, the easiest step is to repeat the mistake and to get back to “the day after the party” mess.

The chronic plague of our time, accumulation, must be faced both with thought and action, rigour and feeling.

We shall deeply seek in the hidden spots of our life, those black holes we never fit in for fear of unveiling some truth we pretended to ignore.

In an age where everybody is willing to show you how to feel better, be incisive or improve your social skills, Iet me give you my personal advice as well, about how to clean up your life.


Production: Gianni Canali Studio
Director e DoP: Gianni Canali
Camera: Alessandro Della Valentina
Editing: Alessandro Della Valentina
Best boy electric and grip: Camillo Bonfani/Sebastiano Trovesi /Gianluca Micheletti
Make Up/Hair: Marina Magoni
Model: Alice R.
Client: Imetec
Thanks to:
Angelo Stucchi for dog Artù


28.11.2017 Corporate, Video

Be this video a metaphor or not (?)
Watch it right to the end,
we talk about green, cooperation, values… and football, too!
A great team needs to share values to win
It sounds like a slogan
But after all… it’s a slogan, that tells also the truth

These are the details that strengthen work team
ours has been working hard for years
our costumers are doers
collaboration couldn’t be more fruitful

Luckily, we are supported by skilled counselors, too
they help us keep everything under control
both thoughtfully and cheerfully
watch the video, it will clear it up for you

To do things properly,
we work from dawn till dusk
to catch the best light

Respect for people is crucial
Our style is built on it
It’s in the eyes of people we meet that we can see our results

People’s appreciation of what you’re doing is rewarding, isn’t it?

Enjoy the view!





Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_01 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_02 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_03 Cooption-verde-manutenzione-gianni-canali-fotografo-photographer-bergamo_04

Incontro Leone per una birra al BG Birra
mi dice: “ho scritto un libro”.
E vabbè…” rispondo io “sai che novità
Leo si corregge, “volevo dire, ho pubblicato un mio romanzo
si intitola -Il balilla innamorato- con Edizioni Bolis…
…sono alla ricerca di un luogo per la presentazione, vorrei evitale la solita libreria,
l’idea è quella di un piccolo show da teatro on/off con dei brevi recital
Gli propongo: “facciamolo nel mio studio, cosa ne dici?”,
mi guarda con i suoi occhietti vispi, capisco al volo che l’idea lo attira.
Un cubo bianco, buio, uno spot sul palco!
suggerisce Alessandra che si unisce alla conversazione.
La serata è stata apprezzata, un centinaio di persone e altrettanti libri venduti
ho ripreso l’evento con camera fissa, qui sotto trovi il video integrale di 40 minuti
poi ho confezionato un piccolo trailer selezionando un frase per ogni testimonial.


mostra fotografica video


The title might sound provocative,
Let’s specify it immediately: for me it is, indeed.

Entrepreneurs who work,
get their hands dirty,
expose themselves, act consciously and passionately,
hire the young, less young and even less young ones
put their lifetime savings on the line, to go on,
in this time of crisis, to avoid laying off their staff.

Entrepreneurs who work
all day long
training never stops,
research done in “leisure time”.

Entrepreneurs who work,
they have flaws, too, that’s undeniable,
sometimes they walk head down,
don’t take a breath,
take up time from their family
barely go to the theatre, to the cinema, to a vernissage…
find the time, if you manage to.

Entrepreneurs who work
judge them as you want
you may think that’s rhetoric
but they have what it takes
look at them in their face
that’s the right chance.

Don’t miss it!

Maybe the rhythm of time passing frightens us,
that’s why its value is often neglected?

But our choices, priorities and approach to life
are measured by the time we devote to our actions.

Skipping the chapters of a book to find out how it ends or pushing the fast-forward button.
We fool ourselves and don’t even understand why.

Being aware of time passing by makes us aware of the value of any single object we hold in our hands, too.
Paying attention to the flow of every single action makes us deeply understand the effort put into creating a product.

Almost all of us own a car and we know every car’s heart is the turbochargers.
Turbochargers’s mechanized process of creation surely can’t be defined as very thrilling.
But telling through images the time and the rhythm needed to produce it
helps us get the necessary perfection employed to make it carry out its worthwhile task for days, months, years.

So take your time, there’s also some good music, obviously at the right pace.
After all, it’s just a couple of minutes, maybe the time you need to discover the value of your own time


The soundtrack comes from four guys,
street musicians, probably students
looking for some money
to satisfy their everyday needs

The shots come from history,
the history of a city, of humanity,
They come from the symbols of the past and those left by afterwords for the future generations to remember

The support comes from the best travel mate ever,
Paolo, who tirelessly sustains me during my journey
with his culture, his organisation and his patience

The gratifications come from light,
the ink I use to express
my work, my pleasure, my life,
a great emotion


berlin souvenir photo gianni canali


berlin souvenir photo gianni canali

berlin souvenir photo gianni canali

berlin souvenir photo gianni canali


17.11.2016 Video

Waste shooting are we sure?
Ma grand mother told me to check well before throw out of the window my wastes.
You can find good materials. Unselected camera motion, cuttings and so on.
We Shot for BK-Tires some traction test in a field.
Like as in the kitchen, when you use the left-overs, you could cook good dishes.
Bon appetit!

I’m on fire
sings Bruce
but he needs no pellet
he certainly doesn’t lack energies

Heat is our need,
from all points of view
Affection, passion, solidarity,
love, joy, peace,
these are tough moments.

That’s from encounters that the sparkles
(and good relationships) are made,
then warmth comes easily,
by sharing our everyday life

We can have our “jolly”
be it wood or be it pellet,
it doesn’t matter
it’s always ready to help us out
but it’s us who decide when to play it.









jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore ufficio

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore bambini

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore sci cane

jolly mec fuoco camino stufa pellet calore ragazza

Produzione: Gianni Canali Studio
Soggetti: Gianni Canali e Alessandro Della Valentina
Regia e DoP Gianni Canali
Camera Alessandro Della Valentina
Editing Alessandro Della Valentina
Elettricista & Assistente luci Marco Bergamini / Sebastiano Trovesi
Trucco Elena Donati
Agency: Forlani Studio
Client: Jolly-Mec
Thanks to:
Edoardo Milesi & Archos
Amina e Paolo
Marco e Silvia
Adele e Gigi

“Now that I have gained some experience, I know how to save my energies to be more efficient and
how to look for the simple, logic solution, the practicable one”

You may think you can keep everything under control,
Your schedule is planned… examinations, timing

Then we are warned: next week they are celebrating at the Sports Centre, you know, concerts, spare ribs…
Ok, no problem, we’ll shoot in the big field, the empty one.

But the wind is spiteful, you can’t control its changes of direction,
and the barbecue’s smoke is going straight to that corner in which we had planned to film the next scene.

And it’s not over yet, tonight they are playing heavy metal… freaky illumination on stage,
crazy spotlights coming from everywhere

A solution must be found:
between one song and another the band always takes a break,
so while the rockers are taking a breath, we take this opportunity…and light, ciak, action!

Next scene on program and here comes the smoke from the kitchens… well,
shall we eat some cotechinos, us too? Soon or later, they will be serving the dessert, I hope

Technology, planning and organisation are essential
but sometimes a degree of flexibility and improvisation is usefull, indeed
as unforeseen events get you to find unexpected solutions, which might even be better than the predictable ones.

All of that happened during the realization of the video “Football Innovstion”,
a Gewiss & Corus National Amateur League project,
aimed to grant security to over one million amateurs,
who practice our country’s most popular sport


Dietro le quinte

luce, football innovation lega nazionale

Gianni Canali Studio
Direction e DoP Gianni Canali
Screenplay Leone Belotti
Camera Alessandro Della Valentina e Stefano Testa
Editing Alessandro Della Valentina
Electrician & Assistant luci Sebastiano Trovesi
Make up Giorgia Gervasio

Said, done!
I took word for word the inspiration of Massimo Lentsch, Colmark’s deus ex machina.

They are free-range, resolute, pragmatic, efficient: the temporary “magut”**

So let’s put a strain on them and force them to climb the scaffoldings, helmet on their head, ladders, two or three of flights.
They didn’t turn a hair.
The boss standing next to the concrete mixer, shovel, tough pose and look, leading the group.

Nice guys “assembled” for a portrait: the cover of the book from Franco Angeli series “The International Marketing Labourers I Manovali del Marketing Internazionale”. I manovali del marketing internazionale.

We have decided to tell this experience through a time lapse you can watch here.

**Magut is a typical word in dialect of Bergamo indicating a manual laborer


corporate ritratto comark franco angeli manovali marketing

copertina Franco Angeli Co mark Massimo Lentsch