11.04.2018 Video

To clean up implies several meanings.

Getting rid of useless stuff, old clothes, unnecessary tasks, but also rehabbing from social media addiction, ongoing sterile relationships…

Tidying up (whatever it may be: a desk, a hard disk, a garage…) is an action which elicits a sense of release.

You feel more confident, positive, constructive, you’re already looking ahead.
But next, the easiest step is to repeat the mistake and to get back to “the day after the party” mess.

The chronic plague of our time, accumulation, must be faced both with thought and action, rigour and feeling.

We shall deeply seek in the hidden spots of our life, those black holes we never fit in for fear of unveiling some truth we pretended to ignore.

In an age where everybody is willing to show you how to feel better, be incisive or improve your social skills, Iet me give you my personal advice as well, about how to clean up your life.


Production: Gianni Canali Studio
Director e DoP: Gianni Canali
Camera: Alessandro Della Valentina
Editing: Alessandro Della Valentina
Best boy electric and grip: Camillo Bonfani/Sebastiano Trovesi /Gianluca Micheletti
Make Up/Hair: Marina Magoni
Model: Alice R.
Client: Imetec
Thanks to:
Angelo Stucchi for dog Artù


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