09.04.2014 Photography, Portrait

With affection, and irony, I took this group photo of master restorers from Bergamo using their detailed cleaning method as my optics, indeed, for me, who started work as a professional photographer actually documenting restoration work in its various phases, this, more than a picture, is a tribute to knowledge, to the technique of cleaning:
The detailed cleaning is a visual concept with a usefulness which goes beyond the specific sector of restoration, and concerns the sense of every picture: how it was, how it is, how it could be, how it will be.

To photograph a work of restoration is a very technical job, thanks to which you learn to illuminate the object perfectly, above all you learn to illuminate the objects two-dimensionally, it is almost an anti-creative training, rigidly and absolutely technical, purely technical: but in fact, and maybe you realize years later, it teaches you many things.

Firstly, photographing paintings, you learn to make images of images, which then is fundamental every day, from the moment that we live in a society of images, in cities, surroundings, interiors, streets covered in images.

But above all, this detailed cleaning for the photographer becomes a sort of mental app that prefigures the display options in a frame. And in the end, willingly or not, looking at these paintings, this sacred art 1400-1700, these human figures, and what they do, and the objects, and how they are arranged, you learn the rules of the composition of the frame, and from a sacred family derive a portrait of enterprise, from a still life a fashion showcase, from a nativity scene a still lifeā€¦
And from a last supper a group photo of craftspeople like apostles, disciples of their own professional creed.

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