26.03.2014 Photography, Portrait, Projects, Video

“My father” you can say in many ways, and mean many things.
Those who like me, lead a different life to their father, rarely, privately,
in a low voice and modestly, say “my father”

But in an artisan company, from how the son says “my father”,
with his head high, with a strong voice, you can sense a close relationship,
territorial, generational, based on their work.

“Work” is also the first reply that the expert artisan/worker(but young looking)
gives me to the question: “ What do you do?”
“ And how long have you been working?” “Here for 33 years, but I was already working before”

Another, with a look of Clint Eastward:” I started at 13 as an apprentice,
then I arrived at the retirement age of an employee, and now
I have been working for 13 years as an artisan in partnership”

Then a young Viking, who after explaining what he does
(designs to measure, technical designs, autocad, software)
looks at me in the face and reveals his secret, his true strong point:
“my father, all the ideas come from him”

In that “my father” there is a consciousness of a value to hand down,
of a story to continue: “ the carpenter was the one who with a piece
of wood made anything”

Each artisan, deep down, thinks the same thing, also a photographer:
with a camera you can do anything,
and my first photo came to mind, more than 30 years ago,
on a school trip, class 3C, with an old, precious Voigtlander,
the first camera that I used, and with great care:
it had been entrusted to me by my father.


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