Even without resorting to digital magic,
A photograph often finishes up portraying an untruth,
It’s in its very nature…
Sometimes, instead, a little digital lie
Allows the simple truth, the authenticity of what it tells.
This happened to me working on the case history of Cavotec Specimas
A 50-year-old company, with 140 people working there.
For the occasion they will publish a book, an important edition,
And so I tell myself: it’s not advertising, it’s not an ephemeral brochure,
It’s the company’s memories, of people, collective, lasting.
And so, no special effects, but research of the truth,
Witness of an era in the workplace,
A group of people, their faces, their expressions.
The moment I arrive, here the fact is: there’s a person missing,
He must be added after, post production.
It’s magic, it’s a lie, in all its Gravity,
And I think of the film with Clooney and Bullock filmed at separate times.
Look at the people, the 139 faces I have in front of me,
It’s not easy to pose, and impersonate yourself,
But how to manage this act is my job, courage,
Slowly, slowly you get used to it, you overcome the reluctance,
There is patience, willingness, participation, collaboration.
The work finished, I look at the results, the shots,
And I understand what has happened, how I have worked:
It’s really the lost sheep
Which makes you observe the group more carefully,
And recognize each single person who forms it.