SOUVENIR – Personal project

Tourists people like to shoot everything give them some emotion.
It doesn’t matter if they never take it home, but they persist.
Monuments, churches, Mosaics, sunsets, are in a lot of memory cards, hard disks and phones but not in the memory heads.
Why tourists don’t record in their mind what they are living, the colors, the sounds, the fragance, instead to waste time recording with an instrument which will never help them to remember.
It’s just like a frenzy to put the in their pockets the scene.
Hey man stop, sit down, listen, look, smell and spend some minutes to record, without flash light.
Then, you can buy some books, songs that can help you to remember your five “feeling” minutes.
If you want to remember your things, you can put your wife, husband, family, friend or yourself in front of the camera and  shoot. You were there and the photos help you to remember.

Project Underway  Stay Tuned