29.04.2014 Corporate, Projects, Video

An exemplary story, told in key steps,
A passion which becomes laboratory, work, business.
Started with great enthusiasm, very little money, and an idea, only one, clear:
To amplify what the artist is doing on the stage.
Suonovivo was born in a garage in 1992, two small speakers and a mixer,
Today it is a well known name in the sound technology sector,
Through the years it has been able to grow accepting the continuous challenge of innovative technology,
Calling on new brains, fresh minds.
The strength of this video is at the end, which almost seems a reply to the campaign
“look ahead” produced by Saatchi&Saatchi for enel:
With all the energy of his sixteen years, the youngest of the group declares:
“ for sure I will do this in my life, I will carry forward this company”
How could you not give them credit?


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